Our team works closely together to increase the value of each asset. We implement our strategic plan to provide you with attractive risk adjusted returns.

Property Acquisition

Our team uses its expertise to acquire underperforming multifamily assets with strong value-add potential through conservative underwriting and extensive due diligence of real estate assets.

Asset Management

Longstanding partnerships with general contractors who have local market knowledge and expertise to complete high-quality property renovations that command higher rents and quality tenants.

Our in-house property management team works efficiently to increase income, decrease expenses, and manage tenant satisfaction. This helps drive Net Operating Income and, ultimately, investor returns.

Return Capital

Once the property is fully stabilized, refinanced, and rented at current market rates, we manage the asset internally and provide investors with stable cash flows, principal paydown, as well as long-term capital appreciation from their investment. Without the headaches of direct
asset ownership.

Our Competitive Advantage

Experienced Leadership Team
Together our team has nearly two decades of combined real estate investing experience. Our team brings both passion and experience to the table, leveraging professional relationships that took time to create to provide investors with superior (and passive) returns
Proven Track Record
We believe a fund is only as good as its track record. We have successfully hit our return projections through each property (even through a global pandemic). Through our value-add investing strategy and use of leveraged we have generated attractive returns for investors.
Stability & Stewardship
Whether its is real estate debt or equity you're investing in, we treat your capital as if it was or own. We have provided personal guarantees on all debt positions and never take on more risk than we feel is appropriate for a single investment. Our track record of never losing a single dollar of investor capital is a testament to our hard work and dedication.
Since inception, we've earned a reputation for absolute customer satisfaction with both our tenants and investors. We offer quality and integrity when investing with us, while providing tenants with personalized attention that sets us apart from the competition. Get in touch so we can get started today!
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Acquisition Criteria

LPREG seeks investment opportunities that meet or exceed the following criteria:
Property Size

8+ units


Capital Region, Westchester, and Hudson County

Cash on Cash



1960s to Early 2000s

Location / Property Grade

C to A

Internal Rate of Return

Project Level 15% +



Hold Period

3 to 7 Years

Equity Multiple